Rangiora Croquet Club

Welcome to the Rangiora Croquet Club.

Located on the north side of Rangiora, we are a friendly group of players who meet regularly to enjoy playing on our superb lawns. Whether you want to play seriously or just enjoy a friendly game with others, youʻll always get a warm welcome in our new Clubrooms.
We play both the traditional Association Croquet and a quicker fun-filled version called Golf Croquet. If you want to know more, contact us through the email link below or the Contact Us link above or wander down to one of our playing sessions (Check when we play on our Calendar under the Club Info Menu). Weʻd be very pleased to see you.
Contacting Us: To contact the club, please email us at rangioracroquet@gmail.com
Important Health and Safety Information
While we are in the Setting, we do need to carefully observe health and hygiene practices. These include:

• Observe social distancing
• Frequent hand washing using the bathroom facilities, not the kitchen.
• You should put your own dishes in the dishwasher. Use your own cups if you want to.
• Those cleaning should regularly use the spray and wipe for equipment, tables etc.
• Wipes are available on the kitchen bench.
• Keep your record of when you visit the club, either with the COVID app or recording your visit in the COVID register.

For further information, check the Government COVID19 site here